El Charcón, a natural swimming hole at Las Canteras Beach

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One of the most unique places for a beach lover who longs to bathe all year round is El Charcón, a natural swimming hole with crystal clear water surrounded by well-known and beloved rocks. El Charcón is also protected from northeast tides by the group of rocks calle Los Lisos, from the north by La Lavandera, La Resbaladiza and El Piano, names that reflect the textures or forms of the rocks. Anybody can enjoy these still waters: not only good swimmers but also mothers with children know that nothing dangerous can happen in these azur pools. Generations of children have had their first swimming experiences there, and they have also observed how Canarian fishes like breams, squids ‘gueldes’ or ‘panchonas’ go about their business on the sea floor without paying attention to the activities on the surface.

Translated by Anne Martin and Ana Maria Garcia Alvarez[mp_ads_system ads_system_select=”86264″][mp_block_8 section_title=” Other posts in english language” category_id=”61″ post_sort=”rand”]

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