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Filipe Jervis gana el Islas Canarias Santa Pro Junior celebrado en La Cicer.

La Cicer, Gran Canaria – Filipe Jervis (Ericeira, PRT), 20, won the ASP Grade-2 Islas Canarias Santa Pro Junior today on the island of Gran Canaria, at the contest main site of La Cicer after defeating runner-up Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR), 16, in a thirty-minute final. Taking control of the wind-blown tricky but consistent wave conditions in the three-foot range (one meter), Jervis was able to find his way to the top of the angry 96-man field entered in the prestigious event.

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<p>Opening the final encounter right after the horn blew to make his intentions clear, Jervis managed to stay ahead of fellow finalist Boukhiam the whole battle, the Portuguese stylish athlete using smart heat tactics and solid tail-slide and progressive surfing to annihilate any of his opponent’s chances.</p>
<p>“It’s the best feeling of my life right now, I can’t really describe it,” Jervis said. “I have been training so hard to get to this level, spent one month in Hawaii, two months in Australia and I’ve been aiming at this since the year started. I am over the moon right now.”</p>
<p>Jervis, a longtime ASP European Pro Junior tour member, confirmed today he was on his way to his best season ever for his last year in the Under-21 division, the Ericeira resident winning his first ever ASP sanctioned event after netting a runner-up finish last week in the Basque Country.</p>
<p>“Taking the lead on the ratings’ is the best motivation possible towards the next event,” Jervis said. “I’ve had all the support from my friends, coach, family and girlfriend all the way through to now and I’ll be just as focused. I am feeling so good, just on a roll after my runner-up finish last week.”</p>
<p>Jervis, is now in reach of the ASP European Junior title and a minimum regional ratings’ Top 4 finish to get the chance to qualify for the ASP World Junior tour and fly Europe and Portugal’s colours against the world’s best nations in Bali and Narabeen.</p>
<p>Also taking his best result ever on an ASP sanctioned event, Ramzi Boukhiam came short of one good score wrapping-up his campaign runner-up of the 2010 Islas Canarias Santa Pro Junior, a result that rockets him to No. 3 on the ratings before the final event.</p>
<p>“I am really happy with the result, my best ever on tour so I’ll definitely take it and look ahead now,” Boukiam said. “I lacked waves in the final and did not find my rhythm but it’s all good, it’s two consecutive finals for me so really pumped before the next event.”</p>
<p>Boukhiam, only Moroccan representative on tour and now a favourite towards a possible regional title, displayed great classic surfing throughout the week, the 16-year-old surfer confirming his competitive skills and promising talent.</p>
<p>“I thought I could do a it but did not put any pressure on myself so to be No. 3 now is actually great,” Boukiam said. “I am going to go to France with the same approach, get ready and fit and try and do as good next week.”</p>
<p>Finhsing his Canarian run in the Semifinals after displaying another impressive series of performances throughout the five-day event, Tom Cloarec (Hossegor, FRA), 16, was stopped by Jervis. Adding an equal 3rd to his excellent runner-up and equal 7th places in the two previous events, Cloarec was left out of the final but still securing his regional ratings’ No. 2 spot before the final event in France next week.</p>
<p>“I made a mistake at the start and let Filipe (Jervis) get a good opening score and then had to chase the whole heat,” Cloarec said. “I still pretty happy with that other good result here and sitting second in the ratings’ is pretty cool going into the final event. We will see how it goes next week but definitely happy with my run here.”</p>
<p>Underdog and other Semifinalist at la Cicer was Kevin Bourez (Tahiti, PYF), the sixteen-year-old rising athlete finishing the event after a loss to Boukiam but on a positive note having eliminated defending event champion and regional ratings’ other favourite Charles Martin (GLP) in the Quartferfinals.</p>
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